John Gould, head of the Boston office, has consulted on cases involving a wide range of finance-related issues, including securities class actions, mutual funds, bankruptcy, and derivative securities. He is responsible for overseeing Cornerstone Research’s contributions to the Securities Class Action Clearinghouse in cooperation with the Stanford Law School.

Dr. Gould has addressed issues such as loss causation, damages estimation, class certification, insider trading, share repurchases, and acquisitions in more than one hundred securities cases. He has supported faculty and industry experts in preparing testimony and has assisted attorneys in identifying and understanding potential liability and damages issues. In addition, he has served as a damages expert in settlement negotiations. Dr. Gould also has focused on issues associated with mutual fund market timing, mutual fund expense ratios, and complex securities such as convertible bonds, interest rate swaps, and collateralized mortgage obligations.

Dr. Gould joined Cornerstone Research after obtaining his Ph.D. at UCLA. He has also taught graduate courses at Boston University.