Joe Schertler has more than twenty years of experience in litigation related to financial institutions. He has worked on numerous breach of contract cases, collectively known as the Winstar Litigation, in the Court of Federal Claims. In support of testifying witnesses, Mr. Schertler has examined multiple theories of damages related to breach of contract claims. These include reliance, restitution, and expectancy theories.

In addition to the Winstar Litigation, he has consulted on a variety of financial institution matters, including cases related to failed banks and savings and loans. This work has required detailed knowledge of the regulatory environment affecting financial institutions, of national and regional economic trends, of real estate markets, and of structural changes in the delivery of financial services. These cases also involved issues related to director and officer responsibilities, the role of independent accountants, and the role of other professional services providers.

Additionally, Mr. Schertler has worked on multiple antitrust matters related to price-fixing and monopolization claims. In the context of these cases, he has developed experience in the oil and gas industry and in the sports industry.

Prior to joining Cornerstone Research, Mr. Schertler worked for the Center for Naval Analysis, an operations research firm in Washington, DC. He was an analyst responsible for examining recruiting, training, and budget issues for the U.S. Navy. He was also an intern in the U.S. Congress.