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Proposed Merger of Aetna and Humana Enjoined

The court relied on the analyses and rebuttal critiques of Professor Aviv Nevo and Ms. Christine Hammer, CPA.


Allegations of Excessive Mutual Fund Fees

Cornerstone Research worked with three experts in the first excessive fee case to proceed to trial since the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Jones v. Harris.


Aéropostale Inc. et al.

The court denied Aéropostale’s motion for equitable subordination, and Sycamore and its affiliate were the prevailing parties in the litigation.


Newage Garden Grove LLC et al. v. SMA Portfolio Owner LLC et al.

Defense counsel retained Carlyn Irwin, a principal at Cornerstone Research, in this case that involved a suit for breach of contract.


Petro-Diamond Inc. v. Verdeo Inc. et al.

Counsel for Petro-Diamond retained Carlyn Irwin of Cornerstone Research in a case involving allegations of fraudulent transfer and alter ego.


SEC Allegations of Insider Trading

Defense counsel retained Professor Emeritus William Beaver of Stanford University and Cornerstone Research on behalf of a former CEO of a publicly traded water treatment company.


Tax Implications of Alleged Options Backdating

Cornerstone Research analyzed corporate and individual tax treatments of employee stock options related to stock option backdating allegations.


Tax-Advantaged Transactions

Cornerstone Research evaluated the fundamental requirements for tax-advantaged transactions (also known as tax shelters) to be sustained if challenged by the IRS, including whether transactions had a reasonable business purpose.


Auditor Liability Following Client Bankruptcy

Counsel for a large auditing firm retained Cornerstone Research in an action arising from the bankruptcy of one of the auditor’s clients.


Tax Treatment of a Partnership

Cornerstone Research examined the economic substance of a partnership, addressing whether the partnership had features of an equity investment.


Metropolitan Creditors’ Trust et al. v. Ernst & Young

Counsel for Ernst & Young retained Cornerstone Research and Professor Christopher James of the University of Florida in an accountant’s malpractice claim brought by the bankrupt estate of Metropolitan Mortgage…


DPL Inc. Securities Litigation

For a case involving both federal and state claims, Cornerstone Research supported Professor J. Richard Dietrich of The Ohio State University to review how DPL, a large Ohio electric utility,…

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