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Insider Trading

Insider trading litigation remains a significant issue for public companies and their executives, board members, and other company insiders.


Market Timing

Cornerstone Research has investigated issues relating to market timing of mutual funds and insurance products.


Options Backdating

Cornerstone Research has been at the vanguard of this issue, assisting clients in responding to a number of SEC investigations and civil suits.


Tax Implications of Alleged Options Backdating

Cornerstone Research analyzed corporate and individual tax treatments of employee stock options related to stock option backdating allegations.


Tax-Advantaged Transactions

Cornerstone Research evaluated the fundamental requirements for tax-advantaged transactions (also known as tax shelters) to be sustained if challenged by the IRS, including whether transactions had a reasonable business purpose.


United States of America v. David A. Stockman et al.

Counsel for the defense retained Cornerstone Research in the criminal action filed in the Southern District of New York, against David A. Stockman, former CEO of Collins & Aikman Corporation…


Tax Treatment of a Partnership

Cornerstone Research examined the economic substance of a partnership, addressing whether the partnership had features of an equity investment.


JDS Uniphase Corporation Securities Litigation

Counsel for JDS Uniphase (JDSU) and several former executives retained Cornerstone Research in this securities class action in which plaintiffs sought damages of approximately $20 billion due to claimed violations…


Lewis et al. v. Beall et al. and Rockwell International Corporation

Counsel for Rockwell’s directors retained Cornerstone Research and Professor Robert Stobaugh of Harvard University to assess and testify about the directors’ practices.


Other Market Manipulation Experience

Cornerstone Research has played active but nonpublic roles in a wide range of energy-related litigation and investigations.


Energy Transfer Partners

Counsel for Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. (ETP) retained Cornerstone Research and Professor Craig Pirrong of the University of Houston to respond to allegations made by the FERC Enforcement Litigation Staff…


FERC Refund Hearings on California Electricity Markets

The joint defense group of California thermal generators retained Cornerstone Research to collect and consolidate data on California electricity markets.

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