Expert Forum: Frontline Perspectives on Recent Developments in Antitrust Litigation, Privacy and Mergers

This half-day, in-person conference in London focused on the current competition landscape, with panels on antitrust damages, data privacy and mergers.

Featuring economists, academics and legal experts working on some of today’s most significant cases, the conference offered insights on key issues in this rapidly changing field.

Antitrust damages
  • Antitrust class actions and the scope of Article 102
  • How the UK courts are digesting economic evidence
  • Interplay between economic and other types of evidence
  • Key challenges of managing these cases
 Data privacy
  • Regulatory investigations following GDPR and DSAA
  • Economic trade-offs involving personal data and privacy
  • Dark patterns
  • Economic analyses of theories of harm in data privacy litigation
  • Merger investigations under Towercast
  • Key economic trade-offs
  • Assessing Towercast’s long-term effects
  • Managing merger activity in the post-Towercast world