We have worked on numerous trials, class certifications, Daubert challenges, and summary judgments. Our industry-leading research is recognized for its reporting on securities class actions and modeling settlement outcomes.

Securities Capabilities

Rule 10b-5/Section 11 Securities Class Actions

Cornerstone Research provides rigorous financial and statistical analysis and expert testimony in all phases of Rule 10b-5 and Section 11 matters. Drawing on decades of academic research and practical experience on security price formation, we have developed innovative approaches to evaluating alternative damages scenarios.

Class Certification

We analyze market efficiency, price impact, potential damages methodologies, trading behavior (including use of Rule 10b5-1 plans), and reliance by class members. Cornerstone Research staff and affiliated experts consistently have defined leading analytical methods relating to class certification in cases across a wide range of industries and securities.

Fixed Income Securities and Derivatives

We work with clients in litigation and regulatory matters spanning the full spectrum of fixed income securities, and interest rate and credit derivatives. With expertise in all major transaction types and markets, our staff and experts address a broad range of issues related to:

  • Pricing and valuation
  • Investment and risk management
  • Bond event studies and market efficiency
  • Suitability and disclosure adequacy
  • Credit ratings and default
  • Alleged market manipulation and collusive trading practices

Trial Experience, Summary Judgment, and Daubert Challenges

We provide consulting and expert testimony in securities fraud trials, supporting attorneys to develop effective litigation strategies. Our analyses have been cited in trial verdicts, summary judgment decisions, and Daubert challenges.

Select Recent Case Experience

Cornerstone Research’s recent securities litigation experience includes matters involving securities such as common stock, American Depositary Shares, American Depositary Receipts, fixed income securities, and options. Claims addressed include Rule 10b-5, Section 11, Section 12(a), and insider trading, with allegations relating to accounting and financial reporting, business prospects, company operations, and government investigations and approvals, among others. The matters span many industries including life sciences; healthcare; financial institutions; telecom, media, and entertainment; energy; and manufacturing.