Digital Economy: Technology and Artificial Intelligence

The digital economy raises many issues that require new and specialized analyses—including multidisciplinary expertise, sophisticated modeling, or machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.

Data-driven businesses systematically use customer information to improve processes, deliver new products, and provide a more customized experience for consumers. The collection and use of such data, however, can lead to allegations of privacy and security breaches, anticompetitive behavior, discrimination, and market manipulation.

Digital Economy Capabilities

Antitrust and Competition

The importance of tech firms, big data, and the accelerating use of digital technologies in many industries has led to a range of emerging competition issues in the U.S. and abroad.


Cornerstone Research leverages significant experience in complex securities and asset management cases and applies it to issues specific to FinTech, blockchain technology, and consumer finance.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

The sensitive nature and multiple uses of healthcare and pharmaceutical data have raised a number of concerns related to privacy, competition, bias, and intellectual property.

Intellectual Property

Technology intensive industries and big data applications present unique challenges—from patent thickets and licensing to trade secrets and artificial intelligence.

Labor, Employment, and Algorithmic Bias

Firms are increasingly using algorithmic processes to help make business decisions. These changes have important implications for legal issues related to employment and discrimination.

Product Misrepresentation, Product Liability, Data Privacy, and Data Breach Litigation

Through innovative frameworks, advanced data analytics capabilities, and case experience, our staff and experts are equipped to address issues related to causation, impact, and damages in these novel matters.