Peter Bevan


  • Chicago
  • 312.345.7383

Peter Bevan applies his financial expertise to complex market settings and to the statistical analysis of proprietary big data. He has over a decade of experience with matters related to financial institutions, structured finance, asset management, market microstructure, and valuation.

Across a diverse range of cases, Mr. Bevan has addressed key issues related to mutual funds and hedge funds, securities markets, and residential mortgage-backed securities. His recent representative work includes:

  • Analyzing how sub-advised variable annuity funds performed in the context of excessive fee litigation
  • Studying the algorithmic trading strategy of a hedge fund to address SEC allegations of market manipulation, and assessing the associated price impacts
  • Reviewing all stages of the mortgage securitization process, including assessing deal structuring, origination due diligence practices, loss causation, and damages
  • Examining and critiquing the valuation methodology performed for a Fortune 500 company in the process of going private
  • Assessing discounted cash flow and multiples valuation methodologies
  • Analyzing loss causation, class certification, and damages in numerous securities class actions alleging misrepresentations and/or omissions to shareholders


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