Stuart C. Gilson

Steven R. Fenster Professor of Business Administration,
Harvard Business School,
Harvard University

Stuart Gilson serves as an expert witness and economic consultant in litigation involving valuation, credit and financial statement analysis, and corporate transactions.

He has substantial experience in matters involving corporate restructuring, including mergers and acquisitions, and bankruptcy. In these matters, Professor Gilson addresses asset valuation, solvency analysis, fraudulent conveyance, and substantive consolidation. He has consulted in a variety of industries, including computers, engineering, finance, healthcare, insurance, oil, retail, and transportation.

Professor Gilson’s research and consulting focus on the operational, financial, and legal strategies that companies use to revitalize their business, improve performance, and create value. He is the author of the book Creating Value through Corporate Restructuring: Case Studies in Bankruptcies, Buyouts, and Breakups, which he developed from a class he has taught for the last twenty years in Harvard’s M.B.A. curriculum. He has also taught extensively in Harvard’s Executive Education programs and has written more than sixty Harvard Business School case studies and teaching notes used in business schools throughout the world.

Professor Gilson’s research has been published by leading academic and practitioner journals and cited by national news media. His work has received a number of honors, including the prestigious Graham and Dodd Award from the CFA Institute. He was an associate editor of Financial Management and the Journal of Corporate Finance.

Professor Gilson serves or has served on the advisory and corporate boards of several for-profit and nonprofit organizations and he has provided expert advice internationally on bankruptcy law reform.