Iris Jiang

Vice President

  • Washington
  • 202.912.8898

Iris Jiang specializes in accounting and finance. Dr. Jiang leads large teams, working with prominent testifying experts to analyze capital market accounting issues, equity and debt market investments, structured products, and business valuation. She coleads Cornerstone Research’s initiatives related to Rule 10b-5 and Section 11 matters, and consults to clients on matters involving market efficiency, price impact, Comcast, materiality, loss causation, and damages.

Capital market accounting issues
  • Use of accounting information in securities valuation
  • Independence of equity research analysts
  • Accounting treatment of complex transactions, such as securitizations, off–balance sheet financing, and consolidations
Complex asset pricing issues
  • Pricing of corporate securities as contingent claims
  • Valuation of structured products, such as collateralized debt obligations
  • Fair value measurement in illiquid markets
Investment in equity and debt markets
  • Market efficiency for stocks and corporate bonds
  • Securities returns in response to information releases
  • Trading behavior and market microstructure; order routing and execution
  • Private equity investments
Business valuation
  • Capital structure and cost of capital
  • Valuation in corporate transactions, such as acquisitions and spin-offs
  • Solvency analysis for companies in financial distress, restructuring, or bankruptcy

Dr. Jiang has worked with clients in a wide range of industries including banking and other financial institutions, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, real estate, telecommunications, energy, and automotive. She has experience with all phases of litigation, from class certification to trial, as well as arbitrations, regulatory investigations, and enforcement actions.


    • Yale University, Ph.D.
    • Yale University, M.Phil.
    • Yale University, M.A.
    • Tsinghua University, China, B.E.