David M. Russo

Vice President

  • New York
  • 212.605.5062

David Russo consults on a variety of antitrust and competition cases, including matters related to allegations of price fixing, exclusionary practices, and attempted monopolization. He has analyzed alleged anticompetitive conduct in a number of industries, among them pharmaceuticals and healthcare, electronic books, chemicals, computer components, and financial instruments.

Dr. Russo has particular experience analyzing issues that arise in the context of class certification in antitrust matters. He also has experience with labor and employment, intellectual property, and breach-of-contract disputes.

In his more than ten years with Cornerstone Research, Dr. Russo has managed large teams and supported experts and clients through all stages of litigation, including preparing for trial. In two pharmaceutical cases, In re Intuniv Antitrust Litigation and In re Skelaxin (Metaxalone) Antitrust Litigation, he worked with experts to address class certification issues related to delayed entry of generic drugs.

Dr. Russo has also taught undergraduate classes in microeconomics.