Todd J. Kumler


  • New York
  • 212.605.5423

Todd Kumler consults on economic and statistical matters related to antitrust and competition, consumer fraud and product liability, and life sciences. His experience includes using sophisticated econometric tools to assess class certification, liability, and damages issues. Dr. Kumler leads teams to analyze large, complex datasets, and works with clients throughout all stages of litigation. He has assisted in the preparation and submission of expert reports and depositions.

Antitrust and competition

Dr. Kumler has worked on antitrust litigation and regulatory investigations in several industries, including pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, computer components, and consumer products. He has supported experts on issues of class certification as well as liability and damages. Dr. Kumler has consulted on a number of matters involving allegations of price fixing and exclusionary practices.

Consumer fraud and product liability

Dr. Kumler has analyzed large, proprietary datasets in several high-profile matters involving class certification and estimation of damages in the automobile industry. He has significant experience with class certification issues in matters related to personal care products and durable goods.

Life sciences

Dr. Kumler’s expertise covers a variety of matters involving the pharmaceutical industry, particularly reverse payment cases, breach of contract matters, allegations of off-label marketing, and Hatch-Waxman disputes. In addition to supporting experts on class certification issues, he has addressed issues of damages and liability in the pharmaceutical industry.