Elisa Olivieri


  • Chicago
  • 312.345.7329

Elisa Olivieri provides economic analysis in matters related to antitrust and labor economics, with a focus on issues involving race, gender, and age discrimination. Dr. Olivieri works with attorneys in all phases of the litigation process, and supports experts through discovery and trial.

Antitrust and competition

Dr. Olivieri analyzes class certification, liability, and damages in antitrust and competition matters, including:

  • Analyzing alleged exclusionary behavior in the market for internet search
  • Analyzing alleged monopsony price suppression in an alleged conspiracy involving both vertical and horizontal conduct
  • Evaluating alleged quantity restrictions in an alleged conspiracy to raise prices of raw milk and processed milk products
  • Assessing alleged foreclosure in pharmaceutical markets
  • Managing and conducting analyses of market definition, competitive effects, and potential mitigating factors associated with proposed mergers
Labor, discrimination, and employment

Dr. Olivieri addresses class certification, damages, hiring, compensation, and promotion issues in high-profile labor matters, such as:

  • Managing analyses of alleged racial discrimination in college admissions and the potential effects of employing race-neutral admissions policies
  • Assessing alleged algorithmic racial bias in online advertising
  • Analyzing alleged gender discrimination in pay and promotions at a large employer
  • Analyzing alleged racial discrimination in pay at a large university
  • Assessing alleged age discrimination in hiring
  • Calculating damages involving lost wages

W@Competition has recognized Dr. Olivieri as an “up-and-coming” woman professional in the competition space.


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