Sally D. Woodhouse

Senior Vice President

  • Boston
  • 617.927.3081

Sally Woodhouse consults on pharmaceutical and healthcare matters involving antitrust, product misrepresentation, intellectual property, False Claims Act, breach of contract, and securities fraud allegations. Dr. Woodhouse is a former co-lead of Cornerstone Research’s life sciences practice.

Life sciences

Dr. Woodhouse’s experience in life sciences antitrust matters includes assessing the appropriateness of class certification, analyzing relevant markets and competitive effects, and estimating damages. These cases have involved allegations of delayed or suppressed generic competition related to reverse payment settlements, product hopping, risk evaluation and mitigation strategy (REMS) programs, and noncompete agreements.

Dr. Woodhouse has also analyzed:

  • Pharmaceutical pricing practices in the context of average wholesale price (AWP) litigation
  • Commercial reasonableness of drug development and commercialization efforts in breach of contract matters
  • Damages, commercial success, and irreparable harm in pharmaceutical patent infringement matters
  • Damages and class certification issues in pharmaceutical improper marketing matters
  • Company clinical trial protocols, analyses of clinical trial data, and other biostatistics issues arising in securities and product misrepresentation matters

Dr. Woodhouse has consulted on healthcare matters involving health insurance companies, physicians groups, hospitals, and pharmacies, including retail, specialty, and long-term care pharmacies. Her work on these matters has included assessing merger effects, monopolization claims, and reimbursement disputes, among other topics.

Other litigation

Dr. Woodhouse has consulted on cases in a number of other industries, including automotive, consumer products, financial institutions, and high tech.


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