Nicholas D. Yavorsky

Vice President

  • Los Angeles
  • 213.553.2577

Nick Yavorsky focuses on complex securities litigation; valuation, bankruptcy, and financial distress matters; and matters involving financial institutions. Mr. Yavorsky consults to clients on economic, financial, and damages issues through all phases of litigation. His experience spans a range of topics, including failed financial institutions, financial accounting restatements, hedge funds, due diligence, cryptocurrency, and public stock offerings.

Securities class actions

Mr. Yavorsky has consulted on dozens of Rule 10b-5, Section 11, and Section 14 class actions at the class certification and merits phases, and through mediation. He leads teams to address market efficiency, price impact, Comcast, inflation, loss causation, and damages claims. In these matters, Mr. Yavorsky assesses claims involving equity securities, debt securities, options, and other financial instruments. He also evaluates securities claims for special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), FinTech companies, and cryptocurrency firms.

Valuation, bankruptcy, and financial distress

Mr. Yavorsky provides valuation analyses in the context of merger and acquisition (M&A) deal litigation, bankruptcies, and firms in financial distress. He analyzes company and transaction values using discounted cash flow (DCF), guideline company, and comparable transaction analyses, among other valuation techniques. In addition, he addresses corporate transaction disputes, including takeover defenses, breach of contract, failed M&A deals, corporate governance, and due diligence issues.

Mr. Yavorsky coauthors Cornerstone Research’s annual Trends in Large Corporate Bankruptcy and Financial Distress report.

 Financial institutions

Mr. Yavorsky works on various matters involving mortgage-backed securities, subprime lenders, credit card issuers, banks, hedge funds, investment banks, broker-dealers, and private equity firms. He consults on failed financial institution matters, including cases brought by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

He has also analyzed loan loss reporting and allowances, the impact of the financial crisis on banks’ loan portfolios, and valuation, solvency, loss causation, and damages.


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