We provide clients with credible solutions to complex financial issues that arise in transatlantic and pan-European disputes as well as regulatory investigations.

Finance Capabilities

Financial Institutions

Cornerstone Research consultants apply their analytical expertise and deep industry knowledge in a range of commercial disputes and regulatory investigations.

  • Banks and securities firms
  • Investment advisers
  • Hedge funds
  • Insurance companies
  • Consumer finance
  • Market manipulation and collusive trading
  • High-frequency trading
  • Foreign exchange
  • Private equity and venture capital

Shareholder Litigation

Although they are a relatively recent addition to the European legal landscape, shareholder litigations (or “securities class actions”) have proliferated in the US over several decades. Our more than thirty years of experience positions us to address the economic and financial issues that are likely to arise in UK and European matters.

We provide support in all phases of litigation, including:

  • Initial case evaluation
  • Discovery
  • Class certification
  • Merits, damages and summary judgment
  • Mediation and settlement
  • Trial or arbitration

Valuation and Damages

Cornerstone Research approaches valuation matters using sound finance and economics principles as well as local knowledge applied to the circumstances of each case.

  • Corporate transactions
  • Corporate restructurings
  • Agreements and contracts
  • Specific business assets
  • Specific securities and stakes

Market Manipulation and Market Abuse

Cornerstone Research conducts detailed analyses in a range of trading practices and market manipulation matters. Our staff and experts bring expertise in order handling; rules involving price quoting, clearing and settlement; as well as valuation of complex portfolios of trade positions. In addition, we have worked on matters involving allegations of:

  • Benchmark manipulation
  • Manipulation of settlement indices
  • Misreporting of trade information
  • Spoofing and disruptive trading
  • Inappropriate sharing of propriety information


Cornerstone Research provides clients with practical, insightful solutions to accounting issues that arise in investigations, litigation and regulatory matters. We draw from our extensive network of experts—including experienced audit partners, standard setters and academics.