Digital Mergers: Need for Reform?

Nathan Miller of Georgetown University interviews Pierre Régibeau, chief economist at DG Competition, on assessing the competitive effects of digital markets.

Ahead of the Concurrences and University College London International Mergers Conference, Nathan Miller of Georgetown University interviewed Pierre Régibeau, chief economist at the Directorate-General for Competition, on the economic methods used in digital mergers. Professor Miller and Dr. Régibeau discuss the following questions:

  • Can the standard approaches for assessing competitive effects in innovative industries be applied to digital markets, or do we need a special approach for digital?
  • How can we help ensure that digital markets remain contestable and does merger control have a role in this?
  • How would compatibility standards in digital markets, for example related to portability of consumers’ data, change the importance and efficacy of merger control?

This interview was originally published by Concurrences in January 2020.

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