Cornerstone Research Announces Senior Staff Promotions to Principal

Firm advances eight in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington.

San Francisco—Cornerstone Research, a leading provider of economic and financial consulting and expert testimony, has announced the promotion of eight senior staff to principal.

Their success reflects their exceptional commitment to our clients and experts, as well as to their colleagues.

  • Ceren Canal Aruoba consults on matters involving pharmaceuticals, healthcare, intellectual property, marketing, and antitrust issues. Her recent trial experience includes United States v. EnergySolutions Inc. et al. Ms. Canal Aruoba’s research on pricing issues examines generic drugs and recent price spike allegations. She is based in Washington, DC.
  • Brad T. Howells focuses on economic and statistical analysis in complex antitrust, competition, and labor matters. Dr. Howells has particular experience in merger reviews and litigation, and has consulted on cases for both merging parties and government agencies, including United States v. Aetna and Humana and FTC v. Sysco and US Foods. He is based in San Francisco.
  • Jennifer Marietta-Westberg addresses allegations related to financial reporting, asset management, trading, and mergers and acquisitions in litigation and regulatory investigations. Dr. Marietta-Westberg has served as an expert on matters related to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), and alleged insider trading. She is based in Washington, DC.
  • Steven McBride is a certified public accountant and consults on matters involving financial reporting and auditing, corporate governance, and capital markets. He works with experts and clients throughout the litigation process, including discovery, affirmative and rebuttal reports, depositions, arbitration, and trial. He is based in Washington, DC.
  • Nicole M. Moran focuses on derivative markets for both exchange-traded and over-the-counter products. She consults on cases that involve trading activity, order book data, and evaluation of market design. On behalf of clients, Dr. Moran has appeared before enforcement staffs at the U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Reserve. She is based in Washington, DC.
  • David M. Russo consults on antitrust and competition cases, including matters related to allegations of price fixing, exclusionary practices, and monopolization. Dr. Russo has particular experience with class certification issues, notably in pharmaceutical cases related to delayed generic entry and off-label marketing. He is based in New York.
  • Daniel Schmierer specializes in antitrust and competition matters, including horizontal price fixing, vertical exclusionary practices, vertical restraints, and monopolization/monopsony. Dr. Schmierer is a winner of the Antitrust Writing Award, organized by Concurrences Review and the George Washington University Law School. He is based in Los Angeles.
  • Nicholas D. Yavorsky focuses on complex securities, financial institutions, and corporate transaction disputes. Mr. Yavorsky’s experience spans a range of topics, such as the financial crisis, failed financial institutions, financial accounting restatements, bankruptcy, due diligence, and public stock offerings. He is based in Los Angeles.

“This group of dedicated leaders embodies our firm’s core values,” said Michael E. Burton, Cornerstone Research’s president and CEO. “Their success reflects their exceptional commitment to the success of our clients and experts, as well as to their colleagues within the firm.”