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  • FinTech, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency
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City & Financial Global Market Abuse and Market Manipulation Summit 2024

Greg Leonard will speak on a panel titled ‘Latest Developments in Market Manipulation Enforcement’ at this annual event in London.


SEC Cryptocurrency Enforcement: 2023 Update

The SEC brought 46 enforcement actions against various digital-asset market participants in 2023.

Press Release

SEC Enforcement of Cryptocurrency Reaches a New High

More than 50% increase in SEC cryptocurrency-related enforcement actions in 2023 over 2022.


The Global Antitrust Economics Conference

Rainer Schwabe and Anand Krishnamurthy will join competition experts to discuss the role of financial services and life sciences in antitrust.


Securities Enforcement Forum 2023

Nicole Moran will participate in a panel on digital assets and cryptocurrency at this annual conference in Washington, D.C.


National Security and Digital Assets Seminar

Anup Malani will moderate a panel titled, “Digital Assets and National Economic Power: Truths, Myths, and Grey Areas” at this half-day event.


Securities Enforcement Forum Central 2023

Abe Chernin discusses “Digital Assets and Cryptocurrency – Regulation and Enforcement of Exchanges, Crypto Lending, NFTs and More” at this annual conference.


Trends in CFTC Virtual Currency Enforcement Actions—Q1 2015-Q2 2023

Between the first quarter of 2015 and the second quarter of 2023, the CFTC brought 100 actions against virtual currency market participants, including traders, exchanges, and service providers.


Trends in CFTC Virtual Currency Enforcement Actions

This report analyzes CFTC enforcement actions against virtual currency market participants, including traders, issuers, exchanges, and service providers.


A Look at the Crypto Ecosystem: The Rising Risks and Emerging Markets

Simona Mola will discuss emerging markets and trends in enforcement activity in the cryptocurrency environment during this live webcast.


SEC Cryptocurrency Enforcement: June 2023 Update

In the first months of 2023, the SEC has notably ramped up its cryptocurrency-related enforcement.


Tips for Making the Most of Blockchain Analysis

The authors outline how to understand blockchain data and discuss the SEC’s focus on blockchain transactions.

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