Setting the Standard

Our secure analytics infrastructure and in-house team of programming specialists are focused on delivering right-sized solutions. Whether we are developing bespoke analytic approaches to supplement traditional econometric and statistical methods or building scalable tools to help our teams automate analysis, we apply an innovation mindset to our work so we can provide defensible results for our clients. The Data Science Center has set the standard for data science in our industry. We stay ahead by continuously investing in analytical hardware and software, new techniques and our interdisciplinary team, as we tackle today’s biggest challenges and anticipate what tomorrow brings.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Our staff and experts utilize AI and machine learning to automate complex tasks and develop analytic approaches to supplement traditional econometric and statistical methods. Cornerstone Research teams are skilled in applying these techniques across a range of litigation and investigations.

Text Analytics, Content Analysis, and Sentiment Analysis

To enhance the discovery process and support expert testimony, Cornerstone Research uses modern and defensible natural language processing methods. Our capabilities allow us to sift through vast quantities of text, delivering efficient and accurate retrieval of critical information. Our staff and experts use sophisticated AI, machine learning, and statistical methods to:

  • Perform sentiment analysis and lexical processing.
  • Characterize content, organize documents by topic, and highlight important information.
  • Compile relevant databases of extracted text.

Web Data and Social Media

Cornerstone Research is experienced in collecting and distilling large amounts of online information, including a deep familiarity with social media data sources and analyses. We perform targeted searches and data collection, using custom scraping techniques and other proprietary and third party resources. Our experience with machine learning and AI tools equips us to assess the relevancy and relative prominence of content and contributors.

Statistics, Simulations, and Optimization

Cornerstone Research regularly formulates and implements empirical analyses to respond to economic and financial issues. We frequently use real-world data with sophisticated statistical and econometric methods:

  • Structural modeling and regression analysis
  • Numerical techniques
  • Time series analysis
  • Forecasting, simulations, and optimization

Data Visualization

A critical part of expert testimony is the ability to discover and convey information and relationships visually. The increasing volume, variety, and velocity of data in recent years has only increased the importance of data visualization. Cornerstone Research has extensive experience with:

  • Creating effective charts, tables, and maps.
  • Using programmatic methods to automate the creation of thousands of exhibits.
  • Automatically collecting and visualizing data on an ongoing basis as new data become available.

Geospatial Analytics and Mapping

The rise of big data corresponds to an increasing availability of voluminous and detailed geospatial data on customers, patients, competitors, providers, infrastructure, etc. We have substantial experience working with:

  • Geospatial data, including geocoding and reverse geocoding.
  • Current and historical drive time analysis, spatial joins, and distance calculations.
  • Custom tools for visualizing geospatial data and creating a wide assortment of maps.

Big Data Analysis and Production

The amount of data and analysis required to develop and support expert testimony is growing rapidly. At the same time, there has been an explosion in the number of database platforms and software tools used in big data analytics. These trends have important implications for computing resources and expertise. Cornerstone Research has:

  • Expertise in data management, production, and integration of large datasets.
  • Experience with huge volumes of real-time and historical data, with individual tables comprising hundreds of billions of records.
  • In-house, massively parallel processing capabilities and team of programming specialists to ensure that we can conduct large-scale data analytics efficiently and effectively.

Secure Analytics Infrastructure

The rapid growth in the volume of data collected and generated by companies across nearly every industry has created new challenges and opportunities for analyzing data at scale. Cornerstone Research has heavily invested in our secure, on-premise analytics infrastructure, including sophisticated, high-performance and high-throughput hardware and software. We are also experienced with leveraging cloud-computing resources on public data for surge compute and storage capacity.

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