The world is becoming increasingly complex. The skills and techniques needed to unpack, understand, and analyze the issues that arise in it are increasingly specialized. The Applied Research Center provides clients with sought-after deep, technical expertise to address specific issues across a wide range of cases. Access to the expertise and experience of Applied Research Center specialists enhances the efficiency and effectiveness with which our case teams can tackle complex, challenging problems that often arise in litigation and regulatory proceedings.

Cornerstone Research applies sophisticated analytical methods to solve client problems. The Applied Research Center helps us innovate and drive progress, with our specialists employing techniques at the forefront of academia and to provide the most impactful analysis for our clients.

The focus areas of the Applied Research Center include:

  • Advanced econometrics
  • Surveys and conjoint analysis
  • Structural demand and supply modeling
  • Economic theory and computational theory modeling
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Cryptocurrencies and market microstructure

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Dispute Resolution

Building innovative solutions means not looking at challenges through a single lens. By bringing together ideas and approaches from multiple subject areas and technical disciplines, we develop creative and sophisticated approaches that enable us to apply novel answers to challenging questions.

For example, we combine skillsets in econometrics and machine learning to conduct robust causal analysis in environments with complex non-linear data; use computational approaches and economic theory to build and simulate structural economic models efficiently; and apply natural language processing tools to survey data to obtain significant efficiency gains in analyzing responses.

Impactful Application of AI

The subject matter experts at our Applied Research Center work closely with the data scientists at our Data Science Center on critical issues surrounding AI, including using AI methods to produce new evidence on cases, and understanding its implications on the policy and litigation landscape.  Through our collaboration, we ensure that we deploy all Applied Research Center methods and solutions with the most appropriate state-of-the-art tools.

Forward Thinking Results

Through continued research work and horizon scanning, the Applied Research Center serves as a topical knowledge base for Cornerstone Research, ensuring that our staff and experts have fast, effective access to the most up-to-date thinking on a range of relevant issues. The Applied Research Center develops tools and systems that allow Cornerstone Research to deliver work more efficiently by enabling seamless knowledge sharing, improved data exploration, rapid identification of key questions, and increased automation of complex tasks.

Featured Publications

26 March 2024

The EU AI Act: Using AI to Analyze the Public Response

EU AI Act - what was the public sentiment leading up to enactment? Our NLP analysis of 135K+ tweets analyzes the complex online viewpoints.

21 February 2024

Rashid Muhamedrahimov Joins Cornerstone Research

Experienced economist and data scientist to lead new Applied Research Center.