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In the earliest stages of a case, we work with clients to identify key business, economic, and financial issues to address. We assess the merits of a case, outline areas requiring expert testimony, and help determine the types of witnesses, data collection, research, and analyses needed. We identify appropriate content for discovery requests and analyze case materials.

We refine strategies as the case evolves, working with clients to test the cohesiveness of the arguments. In many instances, we provide estimates of potential damages and other preliminary analyses that our clients use to negotiate settlements.

We examine every case to identify the most effective expert witnesses. Our network of outside and in-house experts includes leaders from academia and industry, who are recognized for their depth of knowledge, accomplishments, and research.

Communication skills, prior experience with litigation, and prominent affiliations attest to our experts’ ability to explain complexities to triers of fact.

We tackle diverse assignments, reliably meeting the strictest case requirements and deadlines, and are experienced in organizing research efforts and coordinating the work of multiple experts. We ensure that work is conducted efficiently and is of the highest quality and integrity.

Our specialized research capabilities, along with our financial and economic databases, provide our clients with a distinct advantage. We use state-of-the-art econometric, statistical, and graphical applications, including proprietary software and databases, enabling us to build, manage, and analyze extremely large datasets.

Attorneys rely on our consultants and experts for objective assessments of the issues that arise in matters involving allegations of corporate misconduct or failures of regulatory compliance. We have communicated the results of our investigations in both state and federal courts, to regulatory bodies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice, company executives, boards of directors, local government bodies, and investor groups.

Attorneys often enlist our services when preparing and responding to motions related to dismissal, class certification, and summary judgment. We have also worked extensively with counsel in the context of Daubert motions. We have provided research, prepared expert declarations and testimony, and consulted on the preparation of motions and responses.

Our support can extend through the entire trial process, including post-trial briefs and appeals. We prepare expert witnesses thoroughly for deposition and trial and help them translate the results of their analyses into concise testimony, with clear and impactful exhibits. We also assist counsel in preparing for depositions of opposing witnesses and in developing cross-examination questions.

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We have been privileged to work with many of the world’s leading law firms. The list below represents a selection of the firms we have consulted for.

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