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Competition Law and Economics in Pharmaceutical Markets

Cornerstone Research hosted expert forums in London and Brussels to examine recent competition cases in Europe.


Product Hopping

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have been accused of engaging in product hopping by introducing modified versions of branded drugs nearing patent expiry while simultaneously withdrawing the older drugs to hinder generic substitution.


Sampling in FCA Litigation

Clients draw on Cornerstone Research's statistical expertise to evaluate sampling analyses performed by opposing parties to prove liability and damages in False Claims Act litigation.


Joint Development Marketing Dispute

Cornerstone Research worked with a life sciences competition expert in a dispute between two pharmaceutical companies that jointly developed a drug.


Allergan Takeover Bid

Cornerstone Research worked with two experts who testified on Rule 14e-3 allegations that a hedge fund violated federal securities law on disclosures in cash tender offers.


Alleged Theft of Trade Secrets for a Drug in Development

Professor Sean Nicholson and Cornerstone Research analyzed the loss in value of a drug in development due to the advantage that the manufacturer of a competing drug in development obtained…


Breach of Contract for a Branded Drug

Cornerstone Research and an affiliated expert analyzed the impact on a branded drug's value when a pharmaceutical company interrupted the supply and promotion of the drug.


Section 337 Unfair Import Investigation of Medical Devices

Cornerstone Research worked with a healthcare and competition expert in a patent infringement matter before the ITC.


United States of America ex rel. Susan Ruscher et al. v. Omnicare Inc. et al.

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Houston Division, granted summary judgment for the defendant in this case involving healthcare payment and billing practices.


Medical Device Patents

In a case involving patents related to a medical device, counsel for a leading healthcare company retained Dr. Michael Keeley and Cornerstone Research.


In re Actiq Sales and Marketing Practices Litigation

Cornerstone Research worked with three experts to address class certification and damages issues.


Cornerstone Research Coauthors Antitrust Amicus Curiae Brief for U.S. Third Circuit

The filing details economic considerations relevant to determining the appropriate scope of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2013 decision in FTC v. Actavis.

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