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Large Technology Merger

The target company’s shareholders sued to stop one of the largest acquisitions in the technology sector of the late 2000s.


In re John Q. Hammons Hotels Inc. Shareholder Litigation

Defense counsel retained Cornerstone Research to conduct valuation analyses in this merger and acquisition transaction dispute.


Department of Justice Litigation

Cornerstone Research worked with an executive compensation expert for the defendant in a matter brought by the DOJ against a company executive.


Options Backdating

Cornerstone Research has been at the vanguard of this issue, assisting clients in responding to a number of SEC investigations and civil suits.


United States of America v. David A. Stockman et al.

Counsel for the defense retained Cornerstone Research in the criminal action filed in the Southern District of New York, against David A. Stockman, former CEO of Collins & Aikman Corporation…


Asbestos Workers Philadelphia Pension Fund v. Merix Corp.

In a merger of Merix Corporation (Merix) and Viasystems Group, Inc., two of Merix’s shareholders sued for a preliminary injunction claiming that the merger consideration was too low and that…


St. Clair Combs et al. v. Case et al.

Counsel for Grove Farm, a privately held company in Hawaii, retained Cornerstone Research and Professor Michael Klausner of Stanford University to examine the actions of its board in two lawsuits…


CEO Compensation

In a dispute over CEO compensation, Cornerstone Research worked with a labor economist to analyze whether a particular CEO of a privately held company was overcompensated.


Consulting and Noncompete Contract

Cornerstone Research worked with a finance professor to assess allegations associated with a consulting and noncompete contract granted to the CEO of a firm being acquired via a tender offer.


Turnaround Specialist Compensation

Bondholders of a bankrupt company retained Cornerstone Research in a case involving the compensation paid to a “turnaround” specialist who assumed the role of CEO at the company.


Evaluating Separateness of Parent and Subsidiary

A Fortune 500 company’s subsidiary was sued for allegedly contaminating the groundwater near one of its factory locations, thus causing property values to fall in nearby residential areas.


Challenge to a Cooperative’s Patronage Capital Policy

The members of an electric cooperative filed a putative class action against their own cooperative, alleging that it had acted improperly by failing to pay tens of millions of dollars…

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