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Copyright Royalty Board Proceedings

Cornerstone Research has consulted with attorneys and supported experts in various Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) proceedings.


Efficiencies Defense in the Spotlight After T-Mobile/Sprint Ruling

In this article for Law360, the authors discuss the efficiencies case in T-Mobile/Sprint and discuss the impact this may have for future litigation strategies.


T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Approved

Counsel for SoftBank and Sprint Corporation retained Cornerstone Research to assist with the regulatory review of T-Mobile’s $26 billion merger with Sprint.


Digital Mergers: Need for Reform?

Nathan Miller of Georgetown University interviews Pierre Régibeau, chief economist at DG Competition, on assessing the competitive effects of digital markets.


Three Tech Competition Concerns

The authors discuss the main issues facing large technology firms and the leading proposals to address them in this Law360 article.


An Assessment of Analytical Tools in Product Liability Matters

The authors discuss a range of empirical tools from economics, marketing, and consumer behaviour in the International Comparative Legal Guide to: Product Liability.


Walt Disney Company’s Acquisition of 21st Century Fox Film and TV Studios and Certain Cable Networks

The U.S. Department of Justice approved this $71.3 billion transaction.


United States v. AT&T Inc. et al.

A federal court judge ruled that AT&T can move forward with its purchase of Time Warner and the D.C. Circuit affirmed that decision.


Facebook Inc. IPO Securities and Derivative Litigation

Defense counsel retained Cornerstone Research to support multiple experts through class certification and merits stages.


Sprint Corp.’s $3.6 Billion Buyout of Clearwire Corp.

The Delaware Supreme Court affirmed the Chancery Court’s decision in favor of defendant Sprint in its $3.6 billion buyout of Clearwire.


Beef Products, Inc. et al. v. American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. et al.

In this high-profile $1.9 billion defamation case, Cornerstone Research worked with three experts who analyzed the impact of news coverage on beef product sales.


Anderson News LLC et al. v. American Media Inc. et al.

The judge in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York granted the defendants’ motions for summary judgment in this magazine distribution antitrust case.

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