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  • International Arbitration and Litigation
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ICC Arbitration Involving Commercially Reasonable Efforts to Develop and Commercialize a Drug

An ICC arbitration tribunal determined that the claimant did not materially breach its license agreement with the respondent, leaving the agreement in full effect.


U.S.A.–Canada Softwood Lumber Dispute

Cornerstone Research worked with an expert who analyzed the potential impact of eliminating export restrictions on softwood lumber.


Andersen Consulting v. Arthur Andersen and Andersen Worldwide

In an international arbitration, Cornerstone Research supported the claimants, the Andersen Consulting firms (Andersen Consulting), in their breach of contract claim against the Arthur Andersen firms (Arthur Andersen) and Andersen…


Latin American Infrastructure Breach of Contract Dispute

Counsel for a Latin American government retained Cornerstone Research, Professor René Stulz of The Ohio State University, and Dr. Laura Simmons of the College of William and Mary to assess…


South American Regulation and Insurance Dispute

After a power plant in South America defaulted on certain debt obligations, a dispute arose between two insurers regarding a political risk insurance policy.


U.K. Financial Services Information Technology Dispute

In an arbitration held in London, counsel for the respondent retained Cornerstone Research, Professor Paul Gompers of the Harvard Business School, and Professor Eric Clemons of the Wharton School in…


Biotechnology Manufacturing Agreement

A U.S. company that owned a patented biotechnology product engaged a European contractor to produce the product for commercial sale.


ESG Re Limited v. Deloitte & Touche

Cornerstone Research worked with experts testifying on damages and reinsurance issues and assisted counsel in their defense of Deloitte & Touche against claims of malpractice and breach of contract in both U.S.…


Patents Valuation

A foreign tax commission retained Cornerstone Research to assist in a suit against a merchant bank and financial services group.

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