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Mortgage Discrimination Case against a Lending Institution

In a high-profile class action case involving a leading financial institution, a federal circuit court affirmed a lower court’s order denying class certification.


Wells Fargo Bank v. Palm Beach Mall

The court granted summary judgment in favor of the defendants.


Architectural Copyright

The court granted summary judgment in favor of the defendants on all claims.


Securitized Mortgage Defaults

Cornerstone Research has worked with academic experts to analyze the factors driving defaults on securitized mortgages.


Move Inc. et al. v. Zillow Inc. et al.

Cornerstone Research worked with an M&A transactions expert and a survey expert in a case that involved alleged misappropriation of trade secrets and counterclaims of defamation.


In re Principal U.S. Property Account ERISA Litigation

Defense counsel retained Cornerstone Research to assess the economic merits of the plaintiffs’ proposed class in a case of alleged breach of fiduciary duty.


In re John Q. Hammons Hotels Inc. Shareholder Litigation

Defense counsel retained Cornerstone Research to conduct valuation analyses in this merger and acquisition transaction dispute.


Asset Management

Cornerstone Research worked with attorneys representing a custodial bank that was sued by three pension funds whose asset portfolios had disappointing returns in a period of declining real estate markets.


Cienega Gardens et al. v. The United States

Counsel for the plaintiffs retained Cornerstone Research to estimate damages in a breach of contract suit brought against the U.S. government.


Claims Against a Home Builder

In a Rule 10b-5 class action brought against our client, a large home builder, Cornerstone Research examined the plaintiffs’ claims of misrepresentation, omissions, and damages.


Ground Lease Valuation

On behalf of an arbitration respondent, Cornerstone Research evaluated the impact of a disputed appraisal on the value of a ground lease.


Merger of RELPs into a REIT

This case involved a proposed merger of four public real estate limited partnerships (RELPs) into a single real estate investment trust (REIT).

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