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In re Tesla Motors Inc. Stockholder Litigation

Rick Van Zijl’s trial testimony cited extensively in Delaware Court of Chancery ruling in favor of Elon Musk.


Sidibe et al. v. Sutter Health

A federal jury issued a unanimous verdict for our client in a $1.2 billion antitrust class action trial.


Pro Bono: Veterans Advocacy in Lost Wages Litigation

The settlement amount in this matter was within the range of the damages amounts calculated by our expert.


Energy Industry Arbitration

The arbitration panel ruled that the energy company was owed the entire amount of tortious interference damages that Professor Johnson calculated.


Post-Merger Appraisal Trial Win

The North Carolina Business Court judge found in favor of the merged company in this appraisal litigation.


Pro Bono: Analysis of Eviction Data

Cornerstone Research provided pro bono analysis for Appleseed’s report on eviction filings in South Carolina.


City of Providence, Rhode Island, et al. v. BATS Global Markets Inc. et al.

The judge granted summary judgment for our clients, citing Professor Hendershott’s expert reports throughout his opinion.


EssilorLuxottica’s Acquisition of GrandVision

The parties completed the €7.2 billion acquisition.


Meta/Kustomer Merger

Meta completed its $1 billion acquisition of Kustomer in February 2021.


Pro Bono: Cornerstone Research Supports Efforts to Protect Voting Rights

Cornerstone Research provided pro bono consulting in a matter to protect the rights of eligible U.S. citizens to vote in the 2020 general election.


Pro Bono: Economic Impact of Driver’s License Suspensions

Cornerstone Research provided pro bono analysis for Appleseed’s report on the effects of license suspensions on communities.


Pro Bono: Review of Claremont McKenna College’s Economics-Accounting Program

Cornerstone Research assisted with a comprehensive review of the economics-accounting program in the Robert Day School of Economics and Finance at Claremont McKenna College.

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