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AOL Time Warner Inc. Securities Litigation

In class action–related securities litigation brought by opt-out plaintiffs, Cornerstone Research supported Timothy Lucas, former director of research and technical activities at the Financial Accounting Standards Board and former chairman…


Auditor Independence: Audit Firm

Cornerstone Research was retained by defense counsel for a national accounting firm in a case involving an audit of a large company.


Baker v. American Century Investment Management, Inc.

Counsel for American Century retained Cornerstone Research in an action alleging that the investment management company had charged excessive fees to its mutual fund customers.


DMX Music, Inc. v. Muzak LLC and CVS Pharmacy, Inc.

DMX sued CVS and Muzak in California over an agreement to provide music programming services to the CVS drugstore chain.


MicroStrategy, Inc. Securities Litigation

MicroStrategy, Inc. and its auditor, PricewaterhouseCoopers, were named in a class action lawsuit that alleged that the announcement had caused a one-day $11 billion drop in the market capitalization of…


Mylan Pharmaceuticals v. The Procter & Gamble Company

In an alleged predatory pricing matter, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, a generic drug manufacturer, claimed that Procter & Gamble, the brand manufacturer, and Watson Pharmaceuticals, an authorized generic manufacturer, were selling competing…


Professional Malpractice

Cornerstone Research was retained to support two experts on behalf of a national accounting firm against claims of professional malpractice and breach of contract before a three-arbitrator panel.


Reliance on Audited Financial Statements

Cornerstone Research and Professor Christopher James of the University of Florida were retained to assist KPMG in a dispute with a syndicate of banks over a secured line of credit…


Restatement and Accounting Change

Counsel for a major firm involved in a securities class action retained Cornerstone Research to support two experts who addressed accounting issues and materiality.


SEC/DOJ Investigation of FCPA Violations by a Fortune 500 Energy Firm

Cornerstone Research and Professor Roman Weil of the University of Chicago assisted a large provider of energy-related products and services in SEC and DOJ investigations regarding a former subsidiary’s alleged…


Allegedly Improper Revenue Recognition and Reserves

In a class action suit against a leading technology firm, Cornerstone Research supported four experts: Professor Roman Weil of the University of Chicago, a corporate governance expert, an industry expert,…


ESG Re Limited v. Deloitte & Touche

Cornerstone Research worked with experts testifying on damages and reinsurance issues and assisted counsel in their defense of Deloitte & Touche against claims of malpractice and breach of contract in both U.S.…

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