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  • Consumer Fraud and Product Liability
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Beverage Product Advertising

Counsel for a large consumer packaged goods manufacturer retained Cornerstone Research and two marketing professors in a false advertising matter involving dairy products.


Class Certification Opposed on Behalf of Healthcare Provider

The judge denied the motion for class certification in its entirety in this case involving claims that a service provider reordered physician diagnosis codes.


In re Actiq Sales and Marketing Practices Litigation

Cornerstone Research worked with three experts to address class certification and damages issues.


In re Whirlpool Corp. Front-Loading Washer Products Liability Litigation

In a closely watched case, an Ohio federal jury rejected the plaintiffs’ allegations.


Benefits Offered by Early Versions of a High-Technology Product

In a nationwide class action, defense counsel retained Cornerstone Research and two economic experts to determine whether common evidence could address misrepresentation allegations.


Brokerage Company Advertising

In a class action involving a brokerage company, the plaintiffs alleged that they had experienced delays in accessing the brokerage system and executing trades.


Class Action Related to Discounting of Prices in Healthcare Products and Services

Cornerstone Research worked with a marketing professor to analyze whether the defendant’s everyday discounting of prices allegedly misled consumers.


Computer Hardware Product Features

In several class actions involving a computer hardware manufacturer, the plaintiffs alleged that the manufacturer had misrepresented one of the product’s features.


Customer Satisfaction and Effectiveness of Residential Building Products

In a class action suit, the plaintiffs alleged that the manufacturer’s windows were susceptible to certain types of leaks.


Disclosure of Transaction Fees

In multiple class actions against a large financial institution, the plaintiffs alleged that the defendant failed to disclose adequate information regarding the fees it charged on certain types of transactions.


Effectiveness of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials in Recreational Vehicles

Defense counsel retained a Cornerstone Research expert to identify factors that could affect the plaintiff’s sales, market share, and profitability.


Efficacy and Safety of Pharmaceutical Products

Defense counsel retained Cornerstone Research to determine whether common evidence could show that the alleged conduct caused higher prices.

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