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Calculation of Damages for Cancelled Uranium Licences

Senior Advisor José Alberro acted as the damages expert for the claimant in this international arbitration administered by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague.


Unsecured Creditors of Iridium v. Motorola, Inc.

In litigation arising from the high-profile bankruptcy of Iridium, a global provider of satellite telecommunications services, plaintiffs alleged that the more than $2 billion that Iridium paid Motorola to design,…


Theft of Trade Secrets regarding Internet Advertising

After acquisition discussions broke down between an Internet advertising affiliate network and the potential target, a web-advertising software company, the latter filed a complaint alleging that the defendants misappropriated information…


ASARCO LLC et al. v. Americas Mining Corporation

Defense counsel retained Cornerstone Research and Professor Craig Pirrong of the University of Houston to evaluate ASARCO’s allegation that it had not received a reasonably equivalent value for its interest…


Path-Dependent Derivatives

In a case involving derivative contracts issued by a firm in an acquisition, attorneys retained Cornerstone Research and Professor William Silber of New York University.


Sovereign Bancorp Inc. Shareholders Litigation

The class action lawsuit on behalf of Sovereign Bancorp Inc. (Sovereign) shareholders was intended to prevent the shareholder vote on a 2008 proposal by Banco Santander, S.A. (Santander) to acquire…


Two-Step Merger in Banking Industry

During mediation, counsel for the acquirer retained Cornerstone Research and Professor Christopher James of the University of Florida to analyze this complex two-step transaction.


Valuation Effect of Losing a Large Customer Contract

In an acquisition in the heavy manufacturing sector, the purchaser sued the seller seeking rescission damages.


In re John Q. Hammons Hotels Inc. Shareholder Litigation

Defense counsel retained Cornerstone Research to conduct valuation analyses in this merger and acquisition transaction dispute.


In re Domin-8 Enterprise Solutions Inc.

Cornerstone Research and Professor David Stowell of Northwestern University were retained by counsel for RealPage and performed valuation analyses related to a competitive acquisition of the assets of Domin-8, a…


Asbestos Workers Philadelphia Pension Fund v. Merix Corp.

In a merger of Merix Corporation (Merix) and Viasystems Group, Inc., two of Merix’s shareholders sued for a preliminary injunction claiming that the merger consideration was too low and that…


Alex Tse et al. v. Ventana Medical Systems, Inc., et al.

Counsel for the defense retained Cornerstone Research and Professor Michael Gibbons of the Wharton School in this securities fraud lawsuit.

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