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Amgen Inc.’s Acquisition of Horizon Therapeutics plc

The FTC approves Amgen’s $28B purchase of Horizon.


In re HIV Antitrust Litigation

The jury found in favor of the defense concluding, consistent with Dr. Saravia’s testimony, that the settlement contained no payment for delay.


Federal Trade Commission v. 1-800 Contacts

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals overturned an FTC decision regarding trademark enforcement against online competitors.


Alleged Failure to Disclose Drug Safety Issues

Cornerstone Research was retained by a pharmaceutical company facing securities litigation after it withdrew a drug from the market because of safety concerns.


ICC Arbitration Involving Commercially Reasonable Efforts to Develop and Commercialize a Drug

An ICC arbitration tribunal determined that the claimant did not materially breach its license agreement with the respondent, leaving the agreement in full effect.


In re Niaspan Antitrust Litigation

The judge denied class certification in this pharmaceutical pay-for-delay multidistrict litigation.


In re Intuniv Antitrust Litigation

The judge denied class certification in this pharmaceutical pay-for-delay case brought by a class of indirect purchasers.


Cigna’s Acquisition of Express Scripts

The parties completed a $67 billion merger after receiving clearance from the U.S. Department of Justice and state departments of insurance.


Hsu et al. v. Puma Biotechnology Inc. et al.

Positive jury verdict in rare securities class action trial.


Product Hopping

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have been accused of engaging in product hopping by introducing modified versions of branded drugs nearing patent expiry while simultaneously withdrawing the older drugs to hinder generic substitution.


Sampling in FCA Litigation

Clients draw on Cornerstone Research's statistical expertise to evaluate sampling analyses performed by opposing parties to prove liability and damages in False Claims Act litigation.


Joint Development Marketing Dispute

Cornerstone Research worked with a life sciences competition expert in a dispute between two pharmaceutical companies that jointly developed a drug.

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