Cornerstone Research Names Rahul Guha CEO


Dr. Guha, who has led Cornerstone Research’s work in numerous high-profile matters, succeeds Michael E. Burton.

Washington—Cornerstone Research, a leading provider of economic and financial consulting and expert testimony, today announced the appointment of Rahul Guha as CEO, effective January 1, 2020. Dr. Guha, formerly a senior vice president, succeeds Michael E. Burton, who has held the position since July 2014. Dr. Burton will continue with the firm as CEO emeritus.

This transition in Cornerstone Research’s leadership reflects the firm’s commitment to proactive succession planning. “In his more than two decades with Cornerstone Research, Rahul has established himself as a respected leader with exceptional strategic vision. Elected unanimously by our board of directors, he embodies our core values and team-based culture that are intrinsic to our firm’s success,” said Dr. Burton.

Elected unanimously by our board of directors, Rahul embodies our core values and team-based culture that are intrinsic to our firm’s success.

Dr. Guha joined Cornerstone Research in 1996. The former cohead of the firm’s global antitrust and competition practice, he also founded the life sciences practice. Dr. Guha has led the firm’s work on numerous complex antitrust and competition, intellectual property, and product misrepresentation cases, and served as a testifying expert on several life sciences matters.

In addition, Dr. Guha has held positions on several of the firm’s governance committees, including the board of directors and executive committee. As chief strategy officer, he has spearheaded initiatives involving firm, business, and expert development. Dr. Guha is based in the firm’s Chicago office.

“Mike has guided the firm with such skill and dedication, and it is a privilege to take on this important role,” said Dr. Guha. “Cindy Zollinger, our cofounder and former CEO, exemplifies the values that launched our firm thirty years ago and continue to guide us today. I look forward to building on this work, delivering high-quality analysis to our clients, supporting our network of testifying experts, and maintaining our vibrant company culture.”

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