Brendan J. Rudolph



  • New York


Brendan Rudolph consults to attorneys and helps prepare expert testimony in all phases of complex commercial litigation, including class certification and other motion practice, merits, arbitration, and trial.

Securities litigation

Mr. Rudolph has consulted on dozens of securities cases and Delaware appraisal actions, including matters involving the high tech, pharmaceuticals, financial institutions, consumer goods, and materials and commodities sectors. He has analyzed price impact, damages, market efficiency, asset and business valuation, volatility, and trading behavior in both foreign and domestic markets. Representative cases include In re Moody’s Securities Litigation, where the court denied class certification and granted summary judgment.

Hedge funds, private equity, and financial institutions

Mr. Rudolph coheads Cornerstone Research’s private equity and venture capital practice. His experience has involved a number of hedge fund and private equity cases. His work in these matters includes evaluating portfolio performance, strategy, and investment suitability; as well as conducting valuations of management companies. He has also analyzed private investments in public equity (PIPEs) and assessed claims of insolvency against a financial institution.

Structured finance, derivatives, and fixed income

Mr. Rudolph has consulted on a number of matters related to residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS). His structured finance experience began prior to the credit crisis when he consulted on the first collateralized debt obligation (CDO) litigation, including structuring a CDO, and analyzing credit risk transitions. He also has extensive experience in options valuation and exchange-traded volatility products.

Market manipulation, insider trading, and executive compensation

Mr. Rudolph has consulted on regulatory and private actions alleging market manipulation and insider trading. His casework has also addressed executive compensation, and the incentives created by nonstandard aspects of compensation packages.

Valuation and M&A

Mr. Rudolph has conducted valuation and merger analyses in a variety of contexts. Notably, he has performed valuation analyses in connection with fairness opinions for M&A transactions, including in appraisal litigation in Delaware. He consulted through trial on all aspects of a Delaware action related to a merger termination, and has estimated lost profits from an alleged breach of contract.

Mr. Rudolph is a member of Law360’s Editorial Advisory Board for private equity coverage.

Prior to joining Cornerstone Research, Mr. Rudolph was employed in sales and trading at Barclays Capital.

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