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Mortgage Discrimination Case against a Lending Institution

In a high-profile class action case involving a leading financial institution, a federal circuit court affirmed a lower court’s order denying class certification.


Commerce Commission v. Cards New Zealand et al.

The four largest New Zealand banks retained Cornerstone Research and Professor Timothy Bresnahan of Stanford University to assess, from an economic standpoint, a claim by New Zealand’s Commerce Commission that…


Leary et al. v. Wells Fargo, Crocker National, Bank of America

Cornerstone Research evaluated plaintiffs’ claims of price fixing in the bank credit card industry.


Discrimination in Lending

In two separate matters, Cornerstone Research worked with counsel for the finance subsidiaries of major automotive companies in defense of complaints made under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA).


Brokerage Company Advertising

In a class action involving a brokerage company, the plaintiffs alleged that they had experienced delays in accessing the brokerage system and executing trades.


Disclosure of Transaction Fees

In multiple class actions against a large financial institution, the plaintiffs alleged that the defendant failed to disclose adequate information regarding the fees it charged on certain types of transactions.


Terms of Insurance Policies

The plaintiffs in this class action alleged that an insurance company had engaged in fraud and misrepresentation in its sales of a certain insurance product.

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