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Energy Industry Arbitration

The arbitration panel ruled that the energy company was owed the entire amount of tortious interference damages that Professor Johnson calculated.


New York v. Exxon Mobil Corp.

Citing Dr. Zenner’s testimony in the decision, the New York State Supreme Court ruled that the plaintiff failed to establish that Exxon violated the relevant laws.


United States v. EnergySolutions Inc. et al.

A Delaware federal judge blocked a proposed $367 million merger between two rival nuclear waste disposal companies.


In re BP p.l.c. Securities Litigation—June 2016 Ruling

U.S. District Court Judge Keith P. Ellison ruled on pending motions for summary judgment, granting numerous elements of the defendants’ motion and denying the plaintiffs’ motion in its entirety.


In re Polyurethane Foam Antitrust Litigation

Cornerstone Research responded to allegations of price fixing for a manufacturer/supplier of polyurethane foam products.


GE-Alstom Merger

Cornerstone Research analyzed the competitive implications of the target company’s financial position in GE’s multibillion-dollar acquisition of Alstom’s energy-related business.


United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 880 Pension Fund et al. v. Chesapeake Energy Corporation et al.

The Tenth Circuit Appeals Court affirmed summary judgment based on lack of materiality in this securities class action.


In re BP p.l.c. Securities Litigation—May 2014 Ruling

The court declined to certify the subclass covering the vast majority of the proposed class period and most allegations.


Energy Breach of Contract Case

The defendant, an electric utility, retained Cornerstone Research to analyze transactions that took place during the California electricity crisis from 2000 through 2001.


Ashanti Goldfields Securities Litigation

Counsel for the defendants retained Cornerstone Research in a securities class action involving securities issued by Ashanti Goldfields to support testifying experts on the issues of market efficiency, liability, and…


Wage Fixing in the Offshore Drilling Industry

Major firms in the international offshore drilling industry were accused in a class action antitrust case of fixing wages and other compensation for their offshore employees in violation of Section…


IBP Inc. v. Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods (Tyson), the nation’s largest chicken processor, broke off its agreement to acquire IBP, the nation’s largest meatpacking firm, and IBP subsequently filed a breach of contract suit.

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