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Patent Infringement and Trade Secret Misappropriation Claims in Venture Capital

After deposition, the parties agreed to settle the claims without any exchange of monetary consideration.


City of Providence, Rhode Island, et al. v. BATS Global Markets Inc. et al.

The judge granted summary judgment for our clients, citing Professor Hendershott’s expert reports throughout his opinion.


Regulatory Investigation Pertaining to Losses Incurred by a Hedge Fund

Cornerstone Research assisted with a regulatory investigation following the closure of a global macro hedge fund.


Leveraged and Inverse ETFs

On behalf of a financial institution, Cornerstone Research examined investor trading activity in leveraged and inverse ETFs.


Trading in ETF Basket Securities by an Authorized Participant

Counsel for an ETF sponsor retained Cornerstone Research to examine the potential manipulation of the NAV of certain fixed-income ETFs through trading in the market for the underlying bonds.


Trading in ETF Shares by Affiliated Parties

Cornerstone Research assisted a financial institution with its internal investigation into trading in ETF shares by affiliated parties.


Valuation of Odd-Lot Holdings of Securities by ETFs

The SEC did not pursue its investigation into the ETFs’ valuation of certain odd-lot holdings.


Appraisal Litigation in a Going Private Transaction

Minority shareholders of the target company sought a judicial appraisal in Delaware’s Chancery Court.


Post-Acquisition Dispute

The arbitrator awarded substantial damages to our client, a private equity firm.


Bankruptcy Valuation of a Start-Up Company

Defense counsel for a start-up firm retained Cornerstone Research and David Smith of the University of Virginia to analyze the potential implications of forced changes to the firm’s capital structure.


Kennis v. Metropolitan West Asset Management LLC

Following trial in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, the judge ruled in favor of the defense, discarding claims of excessive fees.


Firefighters’ Retirement System et al. v. Citco Group et al.

The defendants prevailed on summary judgment on all counts in this case concerning a hedge fund’s failure.

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