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Chan et al. v. ArcSoft Inc et al.

After a two-week trial, the jury awarded plaintiffs only a fraction of the damages calculated by the plaintiffs’ expert.


De Jaray et al. v. Lattice Semiconductor Corp.

In this trial, the jury denied all the plaintiffs’ claims.


Omni Logistics LLC v. Forward Air Corporation

After more than two months of litigation and moments before the commencement of trial, the parties moved forward with this acquisition.


In re Tesla Motors Inc. Stockholder Litigation

Rick Van Zijl’s trial testimony cited extensively in Delaware Court of Chancery ruling in favor of Elon Musk.


In re Oracle Corporation Derivative Litigation

The Delaware Court of Chancery’s Vice Chancellor ruled entirely in favor of Cornerstone Research’s clients, the defendants in this high-profile derivative lawsuit.


In Re Twitter Inc. v. Elon Musk et al.

In addition to supporting the three testifying experts, Cornerstone Research conducted research and consulted to counsel on a number of issues.


Energy Industry Arbitration

The arbitration panel ruled that the energy company was owed the entire amount of tortious interference damages that Professor Johnson calculated.


Post-Merger Appraisal Trial Win

The North Carolina Business Court judge found in favor of the merged company in this appraisal litigation.


Frederick Hsu Living Trust v. ODN Holding Corp. et al.

The Delaware Court of Chancery found in favor of our client, a private equity firm, after a ten-day trial.


Mooney et al. v. Diversified Business Communications et al.

The Superior Court of Massachusetts ruled in favor of the majority shareholder, finding the opposing damages expert’s assumptions “not to be true.”


Regulatory Investigation Pertaining to Losses Incurred by a Hedge Fund

Cornerstone Research assisted with a regulatory investigation following the closure of a global macro hedge fund.


Valuation of Odd-Lot Holdings of Securities by ETFs

The SEC did not pursue its investigation into the ETFs’ valuation of certain odd-lot holdings.

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