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  • Corporate Transaction Litigation
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Chan et al. v. ArcSoft Inc et al.

After a two-week trial, the jury awarded plaintiffs only a fraction of the damages calculated by the plaintiffs’ expert.


Omni Logistics LLC v. Forward Air Corporation

After more than two months of litigation and moments before the commencement of trial, the parties moved forward with this acquisition.


In Re Twitter Inc. v. Elon Musk et al.

In addition to supporting the three testifying experts, Cornerstone Research conducted research and consulted to counsel on a number of issues.


Post-Merger Appraisal Trial Win

The North Carolina Business Court judge found in favor of the merged company in this appraisal litigation.


Evaluation of Fairness Opinions

In a case involving a hostile takeover attempt, counsel for a target company retained Cornerstone Research to analyze the valuations prepared by the acquirer and target’s financial advisors.


Mooney et al. v. Diversified Business Communications et al.

The Superior Court of Massachusetts ruled in favor of the majority shareholder, finding the opposing damages expert’s assumptions “not to be true.”


Bankruptcy Valuation of a Start-Up Company

Defense counsel for a start-up firm retained Cornerstone Research and David Smith of the University of Virginia to analyze the potential implications of forced changes to the firm’s capital structure.


In re Xerox Corp. Consolidated Shareholder Litigation

After the judge ruled in favor of a temporary injunction in the $6 billion merger injunction case, Xerox announced it would not pursue the deal and settled with shareholders.


Move Inc. et al. v. Zillow Inc. et al.

Cornerstone Research worked with an M&A transactions expert and a survey expert in a case that involved alleged misappropriation of trade secrets and counterclaims of defamation.


Allergan Takeover Bid

Cornerstone Research worked with two experts who testified on Rule 14e-3 allegations that a hedge fund violated federal securities law on disclosures in cash tender offers.


GE-Alstom Merger

Cornerstone Research analyzed the competitive implications of the target company’s financial position in GE’s multibillion-dollar acquisition of Alstom’s energy-related business.


Novack v. GSI Commerce Inc. et al.

Defense counsel retained Professor Paul Gompers of the Harvard Business School and Cornerstone Research in a case that involved two mergers.

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