The mission of C-Her+ is to create a space for the women of Cornerstone Research to connect, learn, advocate, and mentor each other. By bringing women together and empowering one another, our goal is to ensure that the firm is, and continues to be, an incredible place for women to work, advance their careers, and achieve their vision of success. Firmwide events have included a mentoring panel, book group, and local museum visits.

C-Hopstick ’s mission is to empower our colleagues, enhance collaboration, and promote awareness of the strengths and challenges of our shared identity. Our group recently sponsored a Name Pronunciation Workshop in which our colleagues across the firm presented some of the many languages spoken at Cornerstone Research and the cultural meanings of their names. During Lunar New Year, our group hosted a trivia contest where more than 150 colleagues learned about various East Asian cultures. We also enjoyed moon cakes and a discussion of the holiday’s history and traditions during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

C-Nosotros serves as a platform to connect Hispanic and Latino/a employees, experts, and clients, and their allies. The group’s mission is to empower our colleagues and support initiatives that celebrate Hispanic and Latino/a cultures and promote diversity at Cornerstone Research.

C-Parents aims to create connections, facilitate mentoring, and develop best practices related to the challenges facing working parents. We meet regularly to share ideas, relate to one another’s experiences, and provide support.

C-Pride’s purpose is to recognize the unique experiences of our LGBTQ+ employees so that everyone has the resources to thrive and succeed. We meet regularly to discuss topics of interest, connect with our colleagues, provide a space for the sharing of ideas, and offer leadership opportunities to our members. We maintain an internal web page to share resources, organize Pride Month activities, and promote regularly hosted social events.

C-Rangoli is Cornerstone Research’s affinity group for staff who identify with and/or are interested in South and Southeast Asian cultures. We aim to represent all South and Southeast Asian cultures that our staff and group members identify with, as well as use the group as a platform for representation and learning more about these cultures. Rangoli, an art form that originated in the Indian subcontinent and consists of colorful shapes and patterns, represents our diverse backgrounds and identities, and the regular, geometric shapes and patterns represent our shared histories, values and experiences.

ONYX embodies the abilities and strengths of black colleagues across the firm. We meet regularly to provide community and connection for black employees and allies. The mission of the group is to promote educational and advocacy opportunities. In honor of Black History Month and Women’s History Month, ONYX, in collaboration with C-Her+, hosted an in-house presentation by Sandra Finley, the President, CEO, and Board Chair of the League of Black Women, who spoke on “Fostering the Leadership Potential of Black Women in America.”

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