Data Visualization

The ability to discover and convey information and relationships visually has always been a critical part of expert testimony.
Cornerstone Research has extensive graphics and programmatic capabilities to automate the creation of thousands of exhibits, collect, and visualize data on an ongoing basis.

  • Developed a visual analytics tool that enables users to interactively identify potential relationships in a complex network.
  • Automated the generation of thousands of exhibits, each containing dozens of analyses, allowing us to respond quickly to feedback over many iterations.
  • Automated the creation of thousands of market and trader-specific heat maps.
Geospatial Analytics and Mapping

The rise of big data has been accompanied with increasing availability of voluminous and detailed geospatial data on customers, patients, competitors, providers, infrastructure, etc.

We have substantial experience working with and analyzing geospatial data, including geocoding and reverse geocoding, current and historical drive time analysis, spatial joins, and distance calculations. We also have expertise and custom tools for visualizing geospatial data and creating a wide assortment of maps.

  • Constructed a geospatial grid that mimics a telecommunications network, leading to modeling and merger simulation.
  • Performed optimal route and drive-time analysis on a set of tens of thousands of location pairs.
  • Replicated and improved the market structure analysis produced by a merging party’s in-house geospatial capability.
  • Created national and regional maps with location and distance visualization features.
  • Applied geospatial capabilities to map cities into U.S. Census Bureau Core-Based Statistical Areas.