Bruce Tuckman

Clinical Professor of Finance,
Stern School of Business,
New York University

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    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D.
    • Harvard College, A.B. (summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa)

Bruce Tuckman is an expert in fixed income securities and derivatives markets, specializing particularly in trading, pricing, risk measurement and management, and public policy. Professor Tuckman has more than thirty years of experience spanning academia, government, and industry.

From 2017 to 2020, Professor Tuckman was chief economist at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). In that role, he directed a staff of research economists and worked on policy issues with the CFTC’s Office of the Chair and rulemaking divisions. His team designed and implemented Entity-Netted Notionals (ENNs), which is a measure of the true size of swap markets.

For more than fifteen years, Professor Tuckman worked at leading investment banks as a managing director and head of quantitative research groups. His responsibilities included analyzing pricing and relative value in rates, mortgage, municipal, and foreign exchange (FX) markets; assessing metrics for managing financing and prime brokerage businesses; and determining margin requirements for secured lending transactions.

Professor Tuckman has published articles in numerous academic journals, including the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Business, the Annual Review of Financial Economics, the Journal of Fixed Income, and the Journal of Derivatives. His coauthored textbook, Fixed Income Securities: Tools for Today’s Markets, now in its fourth edition, is a leading reference for academics and practitioners in the field.

At NYU Stern, Professor Tuckman teaches “Debt Instruments and Markets” and “Derivatives” courses to undergraduate and M.B.A. students.