Deen Kemsley

Alumni Professor of Accounting,
A. B. Freeman School of Business,
Tulane University

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    • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Ph.D.
    • University of Kentucky, M.A.
    • Brigham Young University, B.S.

Deen Kemsley is an expert in accounting and taxation. Professor Kemsley specializes in financial accounting and financial statement analysis and researches the policy and valuation effects of accounting information and taxes. He has analyzed multinational taxation issues related to foreign direct acquisitions, exports, dividends, and the debt tax shield. Professor Kemsley has also assessed tax evasion and money laundering allegations.

Professor Kemsley has testified as a qualified accounting expert in state and federal courts and has provided deposition testimony, written expert reports, and rebutted reports. He has addressed issues involving consolidated accounting, bank call reports, accounting for leases, retirement plans, cross-country income allocation, disregarded tax entities, alleged tax malpractice, and tax havens. He has also testified in deposition in matters involving the Department of the Treasury, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Professor Kemsley has published research in leading accounting, tax, finance, and economics journals, such as the Journal of Accounting Research, the National Tax Journal, the Journal of Finance, and the Journal of Public Economics.

At Tulane, Professor Kemsley teaches courses in accounting, financial statement analysis, and tax research. The recipient of numerous teaching awards, he was named Tulane’s Howard W. Wissner Professor of the Year.

Previously, Professor Kemsley was on the faculty of Columbia University, where he served as director of tax education. He has also taught at the Yale School of Management. For more than a decade, Professor Kemsley provided accounting and financial statement analysis training at leading financial institutions, including Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, and BNP Paribas.