Eric L. Talley

Isidor and Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law,
Columbia Law School,
Columbia University

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Eric Talley is an authority on corporate governance, business ethics, and the fiduciary duties of officers and directors. He consults and provides expert testimony on breach of contract matters and internal investigations, as well as corporate transactions and mergers and acquisitions. The issues he addresses include allegations of corporate opportunity appropriation, misappropriation of assets, and insider trading.

In addition, Professor Talley analyzes organizational structures, as well as issues relating to the corporate form, alter ego, limited liability, and piercing the corporate veil. He also conducts damages estimates for property and contractual losses.

He has provided testimony in U.S. district, superior, and bankruptcy courts. The venues where he has submitted testimony include the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice in the United Kingdom and both U.S. and international arbitrations. Professor Talley’s consulting and expert testimony involves several industries, including banking and other financial institutions, healthcare, high technology, insurance, utilities, and life sciences.

He speaks regularly to corporate boards and regulators on issues pertaining to fiduciary duty, governance, and finance. Professor Talley is also a frequent commentator in the national media on topics related to corporate management, mergers and acquisitions, and securities. A former senior economist at the RAND Corporation, his research has been published in numerous law and economics journals. Professor Talley also coedited the volume Experimental Law and Economics on human behavior and its interaction with legal and regulatory environments.

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