Kimberly Neuendorf

Professor, School of Communication,
Cleveland State University

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Kimberly Neuendorf is an authority on content analysis methods. She specializes in how communications, such as social media or advertising, can drive audience and consumer preferences, perceptions, and behavior. Professor Neuendorf is the author of The Content Analysis Guidebook, a reference book currently in its second edition. She has also published wide-ranging academic research, including more than 130 articles, chapters, and research reports.

Professor Neuendorf has been retained in major matters to testify on content analysis methodology and media impact. As an expert witness in one of the largest defamation cases filed in the United States, her analysis of Twitter demonstrated how news coverage influenced social media activity. In a national class action against an automobile manufacturer, she analyzed the volume and content of news stories in order to assess consumers’ potential understanding of the alleged defect.

Professor Neuendorf has consulted to a range of organizations, including the U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center, the National Cancer Institute, the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, and the Harvard Identity Project at Harvard University.

At Cleveland State University, Professor Neuendorf teaches in the areas of media communication and research methods, including content analysis. Previously, she taught at Michigan State University and was a visiting professor at the University of Maryland.

Professional Affiliations

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