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Securities Litigation Trends in 2022: Notable Developments and Challenges

Paul Zurek of Cornerstone Research will discuss recent securities class action trends and challenges during this live webcast.


The Role of Economic Analysis in UK Shareholder Actions

The authors provide a summary of key concepts in financial economics that may be important in the context of shareholder actions in the UK.


Parallel Derivative Action Settlement Outcomes

The authors analyze the settlement outcomes of shareholder derivative actions associated with securities class action settlements between 2019 and 2021.


Securities Class Action Trend Cases

From COVID-19 to SPACs, several new trends have appeared in core filing activity in recent years.

Press Release

Number of Securities Class Action Filings Remains Steady in First Half of 2022

Lawsuits related to SPACs and cryptocurrency on pace to exceed 2021 totals.


Securities Class Action Filings—2022 Midyear Assessment

Plaintiffs filed 110 new securities class action lawsuits in federal and state courts in the first half of 2022.


Securities Class Action Filings

Cornerstone Research, in cooperation with the Stanford Law School Securities Class Action Clearinghouse, publishes a series of reports on securities class actions.


The Evolving SEC Landscape: Jarkesy v. SEC and the Proposed Climate Rules

Cornerstone Research hosted a virtual presentation by Joseph Grundfest of Stanford Law School, and Sy Lorne, former SEC General Counsel.


Accounting Cases Involving SPACs

The Accounting Class Action Filings and Settlements—2021 Review and Analysis report features a spotlight section on accounting-related SPAC cases.


Post-Merger Appraisal Trial Win

The North Carolina Business Court judge found in favor of the merged company in this appraisal litigation.

Press Release

Accounting-Related Allegations in Securities Class Actions Decreased Sharply in 2021

Federal securities class action filings involving SPACs became the dominant filing trend in 2021.


City of Providence, Rhode Island, et al. v. BATS Global Markets Inc. et al.

The judge granted summary judgment for our clients, citing Professor Hendershott’s expert reports throughout his opinion.

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