Pro Bono: Analysis of Financial Barriers to Obtaining a Government-Issued ID


Cornerstone Research is providing pro bono support for Appleseed’s analysis of the costs associated with obtaining a government-issued ID across the United States.

Appleseed is a network of justice centers across the United States and Mexico working to reduce poverty, combat discrimination, and advance the rule of law. Cornerstone Research is working with Appleseed to analyze the explicit out-of-pocket costs and implicit costs (e.g., time, effort, and accessibility) associated with obtaining a government-issued identification (i.e., standard identification, REAL ID, or a driver’s license) across the fifty states.

This analysis will help to determine whether certain states impose both greater out-of-pocket costs and more barriers to obtaining identification cards, which would disproportionately affect lower-income communities and hinder the ability of these individuals to obtain housing, medical care, school enrollment, and government benefits, among others.

For more information, contact Kivanc Kirgiz or Jennifer Juergens.