Pro Bono: Analysis of Jail Stays for Non-Violent Offenders


Cornerstone Research is providing pro bono support for Appleseed’s economic analysis of short-term jail stays for non-felony, non-violent charges.

Appleseed is a network of justice centers across the United States and Mexico working to reduce poverty, combat discrimination, and advance the rule of law. Cornerstone Research is working with Appleseed to analyze the communities and individuals affected by short-term jail stays for non-felony, non-violent charges.

This analysis will help to determine whether individuals in certain demographic categories are both disproportionately more likely to be charged with certain offenses and are more likely to spend up to one week in jail for those offenses resulting from inability to pay fines or fees. Cornerstone Research will further assist with evaluating the economic costs, such as job loss, loss of housing, implications on child welfare, among others, on the individuals, communities, and jurisdictions stemming from these short-term jail stays.

For more information, contact Kivanc Kirgiz or Jennifer Juergens.