Pro Bono: Economic Impact of Driver’s License Suspensions


Cornerstone Research provided pro bono analysis for Appleseed’s report on the effects of license suspensions on communities.

Appleseed is a network of justice centers across the United States and Mexico working to reduce poverty, combat discrimination, and advance the rule of law. It is involved in a campaign against driver’s license suspensions due to unpaid fees and fines. Cornerstone Research is working with Appleseed to analyze the impact of these suspensions, especially on certain socioeconomic groups.

In May 2023, Alabama lawmakers approved a bill to end debt-based suspension of driver’s licenses. The bill, which was supported by Appleseed, states that courts may not suspend an individual’s driver’s license for failure to pay a fine, fee, or court cost as a result of a traffic violation unless the individual fails to make six or more of the required payments after the court’s order.

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