2021 Diversity Forum and Sophomore Experience


Cornerstone Research offered career development programs for first- and second-year undergraduate students interested in applying their academic studies to real-world challenges.

Last month, Cornerstone Research welcomed over 45 students to the firm’s 2021 Diversity Forum and Sophomore Experience programs. The programs attracted outstanding participants from a wide range of colleges and universities.

Both programs provided opportunities to network, and each participant was paired with a Cornerstone Research consultant to support their learning. In addition, staff at all levels of seniority in the firm delivered presentations about the economic consulting industry: what it is, how it works, and its real-world impact.

“The event’s organization is superb. Dedicated Cornerstone Research people guide us all the way, giving the best advice they have about how we can get the most out of every session.”

Many students shared feedback about their experiences:

  •  “I liked how the entire program felt more personal than others. It was a select pool of participants and all of the Cornerstone Research staff were super involved no matter what we were doing.”
  • “The case project was very helpful and a great way to demonstrate what the possible day-to-day would look like at the company.”
  • “A great balance of guidance and interpretation that gave good insight into the nature of the work.”
  • “My buddy was friendly, informative, and proactive in answering our questions. Their personable greetings, frequent check-ins, and elaborate responses make me feel welcomed into the firm.”

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